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Kaseya Remote Control before login on MAC

  • I've recently encountered an issue with updated MAC computers. I have been able to use Kaseya to control the machines before a user was logged in. Recently we have had a few macs that I can no longer do this for. Even though I have been able to to it before. I'm guessing this is due to some sort of OSX update? This is crucial as I've lost the ability to log into the MAC we use as a server remotely. Any ideas?

  • The new Mojave update needs some accessibility options amended for remote support tools. Below instructions are for TeamViewer but should be the same for Kaseya.
    Not sure how to apply this by a script yet as if you can't get infront of the Mac you are going to have trouble.

    Go to Accessibility options in system preferences under security and privacy then the privacy tab.
    Press the plus button and select the TeamViewer application.
    At this point you should be able to browse and find the kaseya app