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Cannot enter anything in "Enter remote control note"

  • Hi!

    When we shall remote control a server we have enabled "Enter remote control note" where we must enter a reason for remote controlling. After we updated to 9.4 we have experienced that sometimes (maybe 50% of the cases) we cannot enter anything in the textwindow where we enter the reason.

    Only way to work around it is to have text in clipboard, then rightclick mouse in the textwindow and paste the text. Then the OK-button is clickable.

    What can we do to solve this? We must have the Remote Control Note enabled.



    Tommy Hagelin

  • Does this occur when you launch the session the first time? Or does it occur when you launch multiple sessions? I would put in a ticket for this so we can track issues such as this.

  • Multiple. But - if I close all sessions and open a new one - problem still persists. Using the first session "of the day" is OK.

  • We have a similar case with development at this time but your case seems unique. Please create a support ticket and we'll take a look into this.

    I accidentally.
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