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Slow Remote Control 9.3

  • Is anyone else out there experiencing extremely slow response when initiating remote control sessions within Kaseya? We were just upgraded to 9.3 in SaaS and I don't recall seeing this type of slowness before the upgrade. It's taking upwards of 30 seconds to even get a connection then we get anywhere between 500 and 1000ms response. 

  • If you're using it through the new Live Connect try it the old normal way.  KRC embedded through LC for us is slower than using it directly, Dana posted something in the 9.3 thread about it.  We've been using it directly since and it's been working fine for us at least.

  • Yea, we're not doing it through LC, just the old way. Thanks for the comment though. I appreciate it.

  • We are having the same slowness. It seems to be sporadic though. I don't even have the new LC active.

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    If you are on the latest patch of 9.3 (, I would recommend creating support tickets for this issue.