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KRC Sessions die if you change your monitor config

  • All KRC sessions open on my workstation are terminated each time I power off my second monitor.

    This also happens whenever I unplug my USB Dynadock port replicator (which has an external monitor attached).
    This also happens if I disable a display in the windows display management GUI e.g. switch from 'clone' to extend, deactive a second monitor,etc.

    It seems that if anything happens that alters the display adapter configuration on the workstation, all KRC sessions terminate. No other windows programs are affected. RDP & VNC sessions are not affected - only KRC.

    As I often unplug my laptop from the port replicator, this is very annoying.

    Anyone else experience this behavior??

  • I can confirm this exact behavior. You can easily replicate the issue if you have multiple monitors on HDMI. If you have VGA or DVI it is not enough to turn off the monitor, you also need to unplug it to reproduce the behavior.

    I already have a ticket with support opened for this issue. Up until today we thought the disconnects were happening randomly and we did not have any way of reproducing the issue. After reading your post, I am now able to reliably reproduce the disconnects and they do not seem random anymore. They rather seem connected to a display reconfiguration by Windows.

  • Please reference ticket #122127

    Kaseya sent me a file to load onto the KRC workstation that fixed the issue for me.

  • I believe we have a case open regarding an active agent procedure closing when KRC'ing into an endpoint.

  • Kaseya Remote Control.config

    oromero, the issues seem unrelated. For us KRC connection drops when the secodnary display gets reconfigured.

    The solution from Kaseya is to copy the attached file to the KRC install directory on the viewer machine (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaseya Remote Control)