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New Remote Control vs. Old VNC Viewer

  • To begin, I love the new remote control. So fast. Better in almost every way. The almost leads me to my talking point. There are times when a server's resources are being hogged and the machine cannot promptly respond to the new remote control's request before it gives up. This requires me to use the old remote control to connect because it has a bit more voracity and will try to connect multiple times during the 60 second countdown.

    Just wondering if there is any chance, at least before the old remote control is phased out, that we can get an option for the new remote control to make repeat attempts--much like the old remote control.

    Awesome program all-in-all.


  • This is a pretty good request. I would make the same request on the command and control feature request board here:  kaseya.zendesk.com/.../22894198-Command-Control

  • Yes!

  • Although... I have often found that if I use PSEXEC to remotely restart the agent service KRC will connect easily... it like  something causes KRC to get stuck.