Scenario: two KRC Sessions open. One is a server 2012 R2 desktop, the other a server 2008 R2 desktop.

Both sessions are maximized to fill the screen. It's a secondary screen without the windows task bar visible. The 2008 session is "on top", the 2012 session is "underneath" and completely covered by the maximized 2008 session.

Now, put the mouse pointer in the bottom left corner. Hmm, the 2012 "start" button has popped up!! Click the 2012 start icon and sure enough, you're switched to the 2012 session.

So, the bug is that the 2012 session "bleeds through" to the 2008 session and interferes with it. With the 2008 session maximized to fill the screen I should not be able to ever access the 2012 session by the mouse without first returning the 2008 session to a not-maximized-window.

Lo and behold, I also give you ... server 2008 R2 with CHARMS :) Yes, that's right, the bottom right hand corner of the screen does the same trick.

I winder waht happens if I put two 2012's on top of each oher. WHICH start button is popping up now ?? What about 3 windows on top of each other. Oh, the hilarity.....

Nice bug there, Kaseya.