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Kaseya Remote Control (KRC) Random Disconnections

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Since upgrading to R8 from 6.5, we've been having a ton of problems with the new KRC. Specifically, once connected, we will get random disconnections. Agent remote control log is showing a connection reset by peer, which is the most generic of all network errors. Neither the host or guest system has the Windows firewall enabled. Our firewall is a SonicWall TZ 215, and has the correct UDP/TCP ports forwarded that Kaseya has requested. .We had zero issues with RDP/VNC before R8. We do not have any content filtering hardware or software at either our host or destinations. Kaseya support has requested log after log, and finally they want us to disable HTTPS on our Kaseya server and have everybody connect that way. Frankly, I'm not too keen on this idea.

Is anybody else experiencing similar issues? Suggestions?

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  • Force escalation of the ticket. We are on R8 SaaS, that's HTTPS and we don't have any problems with RDP, i really wouldn't be disabling HTTPS to be able to achieve RDP , that sounds like a bad, bad idea.

  • Yeah I have no desire to disable HTTPS. Having them even suggest it is...not a great reflection on their support efforts in my opinion. We have R8 on premises. The server has all the hardware minimum (and beyond it) that is required by Kaseya.

  • Could you elaborate a bit more on what you mean by "random disconnections", please? Are you using a hub and spoke configuration with VPN Tunnels on your Sonicwall or are the connections being made directly to the Public IP Address of your Sonicwall? Is your TZ-215 running the latest firmware? I have been using Sonicwall devices for more than 10 years and think they're great but I have seen them do some strange things, too. You may want to go to "Firewall - Access Rules - Wan to LAN" and check the "Advanced" tab settings. I would also check to ensure that your MTU on the WAN Interface matches that recommended by your ISP.

  • Zippo - by random, I mean our technicians will be connected in to a server, working, and then the screen will grey out with "Connection Lost". If it's a private session, it looses the session and anything you were doing, which is incredibly frustrating. If it's a console session, it will take you back to where you were when you reload the connection.

    We are using whatever the default is for Kaseya R8 as far as the connections are concerned. We have HTTP/HTTPS/PING, and 5721 TCP/UDP being port forwarded to our on-premises Kaseya server. Is there anything else we should be passing through? Our TZ-215 is indeed running the latest firmware, and has no security services running.

    MTU on the WAN is what our ISP wants, and we have 50/50 fiber.

  • Sorry - The only other thing I found was in the Kaseya help file but I doubt if it will affect your issue:

    "Open UDP/TCP Outbound Port 3478 to optimize Kaseya Remote Control performance (recommended)"

    The fact that your session details get lost when the session is disconnected is one more reason that it's a shame RDP was removed.

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  • We are having these problems too with random KRC disconnections as well, and they've been increasing in frequency over the last few months.  When KRC first came out, it was rock solid.  We've had SonicWALL in place the whole time, so to me that's a constant, not a variable.

    I think that mention of port 3478 in the help file can't be current, anything Kaseya related would go through the super awesome Java-based KAF now wouldn't it?

  • Forgot to update this. FINALLY, I was able to work with Kaseya support and we identified Java 8 on our on-premises Kaseya server as being the culprit. Apparently, Kaseya R8 is not compatible with Java 8 and causes issues. This is of course, listed nowhere in documentation or checklists. YMMV, but for us, removing Java 8 and installing Java 7 resolved the problem. Yay for old and insecure software!

  • Seriously.  *sigh*

    Did they recommend Java 7 Update 67?  I seem to remember that's the one they like.

  • No version in particular, just not Java 8. To their credit, once I removed it, it DID resolve the problem. They really wanted to blame my ISP, my SonicWall, my on-premise server, our client workstations, our engineer workstations...none of which changed when I upgraded to R8. Maybe Kaseya versions have to be a version ahead of Java, so when I upgrade to R9, I can load Java 8!

  • BulletproofSean,

    I was recommended Java 7 Update 71 for our R8 on-premises

  • Thanks guys for the posts.  I have a copy of update 71 standing by as well.

    We just downgraded from Java 8/u25 to Java 7/u67.  Initial observations appears to be an improvement as well.

    By the way guys - when we were having constant KRC disconnection issues, KVNC was rock solid.  We would open sessions of both to a server, and KRC would die while KVNC would keep on trucking.

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  • I have found the downgrading to Java 7 from Java 8 on workstations has fixed a lot of problems that admins were having with VSA performance after our update from Kaseya 6.5 to 8.

  • We haven't seen that on our machines.   With Java 7 update 71, we still feel pain at 3-4 KRC sessions.  We have guys that want to run 6.

  • Yeah I could see that... especially since with KRC you have to open one session for each monitor the client has if they have more than one and you want to see all of them at once... For some of our clients 3-4 sessions would be connecting to just one machine