I've been researching an issue with one of our monitored servers.  This is a Windows Home Server 2003.  We've had some script failures on it for the Audit procedure, and now we seem to have an issue with getting the 'New' K-VNC client working on it.  Every time, I've tried the install from Kaseya, it gives me the following error...

1:55:02 PM 07-Oct-14
K-VNC 4.x Install
FAILED in processing THEN step 7, Execute File, with error File or Directory Not Found, c:\Program Files\RealVNC\VNC4\vncconfig.exe -license XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX

We're also seeing the following error:

1:55:02 PM 07-Oct-14
FAILED in THEN step 4, execute script K-VNC 4.x Install (ID = 273)

I can connect via Kaseya to other workstations in the office, and then pivot into this server using RDP, but this isn't ideal.

I did an uninstall of the client, and re-install using the client download from our Kaseya server, but that doesn't seem to have resolved the issue.

We're also receiving an error when trying to utilize Live Connect for this system:

2:24:06 PM 07-Oct-14
Start KLC on hostname.group - 925495506
FAILED in processing THEN step 13, Run DLL Command, with error Command Failed, DLL = LiveConnectService.dll, Command = -s localhost -p 5250-5266 -k 0290c79db8d5498383953cd8c11881da3c932d624f764708be2af2f05cfed346 -i 925495506 -dll DllLiveConnectHost

I'm just trying to find some resolution to these remote connect error.  I noticed in a couple of other threads where users have mentioned installing WinVNC or RealVNC, but in the Kaseya version we're using those options are not there anymore.