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KRC v8 Private Session Questions

  • I have been working with KRC on the the 8.0 preview server to familiarize myself with it prior to upgrading my on premises server.  I had two questions.

    1. Do private sessions work on Server 2003 or Windows XP?  I noticed that I received an error that the private session could not be established on my XP test machine.  I wasn't sure if this was by design or a problem with my particular machine.

    2. Does KRC use RDP to establish private sessions?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I did hear some info about KRC in R8 (and R7).

    To be sure Kaseya is using RDP functionality for their KRC tool.

    This explains why a private session doesn't work on Windows XP, it's also not available in standard RDP.

    Windows 2003 however should have a private session option.

    You can test with RDP to that server, first run MSTSC, input servername and it will give you a private session.

    Using servername /admin (in the newer versions) will give you a console/public session.

    If it works with RDP it should work with Kaseya.