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Anyone using KRC behind a Meraki?

  • We're having an issue when using remote control behind a Meraki firewall. With the content filtering off, everything is fine.  When I turn the content filtering on, I can't launch a remote control session.  It's just when the administrator is behind the meraki (and the Kaseya server isn't).  When the administrator isn't behind the Meraki but the client they're trying to remote into is, that works fine too.  Meraki support has taken a number of packet captures, and everything looks to be connecting fine. The logs on the administrators machine and the logs on the Kaseya server don't show anything either. 

    Anyone else seeing this? Are we just doomed to not being able to use content filtering  if we stick with this Meraki firewall?

  • We use Merakis but don't have any heavy content filtering set up.  I will say though that the kaseya remote sessions show up as gnutella in Meraki.  Took us a very long time to figure out why all of a sudden someone would be using a gnutella client.  Unblock that and I bet it will work.

  • Its fine with top sites only (even if every category is enabled, doesn't matter which category), but it doesn't work with full list (even if only a single category is enabled). I've confirmed this on two different MX60's at two different sites.   Kaseya was kind enough to provide a trial of Kaseya 8 to Meraki, but tomorrow will make 2 months I've had the case open.

  • I have found there is also an issue when you have your VSA behind an MX and you try to initiate a Kaseya Remote Control connection from a remote network that is also behind an MX.

    I tested this at a few clients sites that had MX security appliances and found I got the same result each time.

    The resolution for this was to disable HTTP Content Caching on the MX on the network you are having the problem with.

    For example:

    Client A hosts a VSA behind an MX security appliance

    Client B, who is also behind an MX security appliance on separate network, logs into Client A's Kaseya management page and tries to initiate a Kaseya Remote Control connection. The Kaseya Remote Control connection for Client B fails immediately with a connection error (although K-VNC connections continue to work, and Kaseya Remote Control connections from Client A to Client B are established successfully).

    Client B will need to disable HTTP Content Caching on their MX

    I hope this helps someone, it got me for a while!

  • I had this same issue and Meraki's logging occasionally falls flat.

    For me it was when I had the layer 7 firewall rule to block p2p. I turned off all of my layer 7 rules and switched to using the Advanced content filtering portion (additional license) and that's been fine. EDIT: I had this problem with the old school k-vnc.

    I don't think the HTTP content caching is a good feature to enable unless you have very limited bandwidth.

    I've been posting my Meraki feature requests online in attempt to start a community.  I'm only a MX user myself.  You can check it out at merakiusers.userecho.com

    EDIT: I had this problem with the old school k-vnc.
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  • Guys, all I can say is good luck with Meraki support if you want them to actually fix the problems. My ticket was open for months and they weren't doing any real work on it, just posting meaningless questions until I didn't answer one so they could close the ticket due to lack of response. Which they did, and I didn't care enough at that point to keep pushing.

    We may still deploy Meraki firewalls with some of our clients, but their support makes it real difficult.