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What do you use as a working alternative to KRC?

  • As usual with Kaseya's long time policy to not care about their user base and software functionality and roll out new (non-working) features anyways...  I would like to know what "other" software you are using as a working KRC alternative AND if you have found a way to integrate it into Kaseya.

    I have started playing with "Screen Connect" but have yet to integrate it into Kaseya although I have heard you can do it.

    (The sad part is, this is the same problem (non reliable remote control) we had with Nable before we left for Kaseya.  I think it may be time to start shopping for a new management platform again...

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  • It is a crying shame that the products has gone in the direction it has gone. Lots of hype, but, reliability just is not there. Kinda like buying  a PC back in the day.....see....you get this long list of software FREE if you buy that PC, only to find out most the stuff installed on it is junk. Management obviously could not handle the rapid growth and I believe the product became uncontrollable. Thus, HELTER SKELTER for Kaseya users.

    Hopefully, the new management will have a more defined, solid approach and actually fix the junk under the hood. Once that is solid, the product will probably really take off.

  • Elsinore Screenconnect

    Edit: haven't tried to integrate it with Kaseya
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  • What kind of problems are you guys experiencing with the KRC tool? I have been extremely pleased with the speed and reliability when it came to connecting every time.  The only issue I have found (and I am an extreme critic when it comes to Kaseya) Is the issue with the keyboard when webroot blocks the KRC.exe from running properly.  (took 2 months but we found a work around)

  • I *just now* had an issue where a tech couldn't see all the screen of a laptop because of the KRC bug.  I had to log them in with Screenconnect.  VNC from Kaseya also wasn't working -- it was logging me out of Kaseya when I clicked on it.  +1 Screenconnect -2 Kaseya

  • For us the major issue is that KRC does not work properly on Windows Server Core OS.  The "CTRL-ALT-DEL" does not function at all.  We reported the issue well over 2 months ago just to be told that it will still be broken in v8.  So now we are just "stuck" we cant get any fixes for 6.5, and if we upgrade things that work today (and are always used) will break.

  • We also reported KRC does NOT work with Server Core, CTRL-ALT-DEL on July 7th and was told in the next patch or two it would be fixed. Two months have elapsed and now we are being told that this ability will not be addressed by engineering at all. Our ticket is 31209 and this was the response on my ticket on Aug 29th.

    Tech Support Person wrote:

    I just received an update from our product management team on this. They stated the following:

    Unfortunately at this time if HyperV is installed on Windows Server Core OS we can not support ctrl-alt-delete to the console when using Kaseya remote control. If HyperV is installed on 2008 or 2012 non Core OS then it is fully supported.

    Apologize for any inconvenience.

    I left the support person name out of this post because he is only reporting what he was told.

    I complained that K-VNC frequently craps out and before we lost RDP, that always worked and was what we used to connect to those Core Servers. I find taking away an ability we had and not replacing it, not addressing the lost functionality is very disturbing and cause for alarm.


  • For me I have not had many issues with KRC and use that pretty regularly. As far as a third party Remote Control app goes we have a couple of tools in my office as a backup solution. For servers, we use Remote Desktop Manager. (remotedesktopmanager.com) and for desktops we have a few accounts of Goto Assist. I mostly use GoToAssist at the clients that aren't using the Kaseya Product and in the off chance that the KRC isn't working (I would say 1 in 100-125 attempts).

    It's unfortunate that the Server Core OS issue is happening and that Kaseya still won't allow for RDP to come back. I would most likely still use KRC 80% of the time if I got RDP back, but still it shouldn't have gone away at least not until that number for me got to 95%.

  • So, being logged out of VSA when trying to VNC to a client --- opened a ticket last month, took 6 days for Kaseya to reply (by then it was working somehow).  I'm reluctant to open another ticket for the same issue, wait 6 days, repeat....

    Edit: especially because the computer I'm having issues with shouldn't have VNC sessions opened to it in 6 days. Should I tell the customer I'm trying to bugfix our remote support software with their machine?
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  • Hey guys, Brendan Cosgrove, here... I don't know why they disabled my old account on the community, I had no admin rights when I left, but I digress....  SOOOO is v7.0 going well? and - Outside of the Core issue with Ctrl-Alt-Del how has KRC been? Even though I'm not working there, I still get lots of folks asking me about Kaseya and overall I'm still very bullish on how well it can empower MSPs, but looking for more data on the current version.  

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hey Brendan,

    Hope your doing well! Kaseya for me is not doing the job it used to. I have had 20 months of KAV issues that after many promises, may be getting resolved now. KRC works about 75% of the time with machines very often not connecting at all. Discovery and Network Monitor have caused us many issues and still not resolved. Support apologizes all the time for their delayed responses and I tell them to keep their apologies because they are empty as they continue to provide assistance too late and very late.

    Very upsetting that many modules fail to work as they once did and with each upgrade, the list grows longer.

  • Too scared to upgrade to 7. SO many problem with prior version, 7 may be worse. I never thought I was purchasing a clunker tool

  • We've been using ScreenConnect for roughly 12 months now. It just works! KRC on the other hand leaves a lot to be desired. Would be nice to have the option of plugging in your own remote control option to Kaseya but I don't see that happening.

    For all managed clients we simply script the installation of ScreenConnect with the group name variable so we have the same structure of clients that we do in the VSA.

  • I think another way to look at how Version 7 is doing is with patch counts.

    6.5 had 20 patches released between Feb 2014 and September 2014 - 8 months

    V7 has had 20 patches released since June 2014 and September 2014 - 4 months

    Not a stellar record for V7, in my opinion.

  • I'm not sure that's a very accurate comparison since patches 1-6 for 7.0 were all released on the same day, followed by eight consecutive business days of patching then back to bi-weekly patching. 6.5 also had seven consecutive business days of patching before it went on a bi-weekly schedule and since then they've both been on the exact same patch schedule. If you count patches 1-6, which were all released on the same day as one patch then the schedule is virtually identical.

    - Max