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KRC \ Log showing KRC sessions and who connects?

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We're trying to find the log for the agent which shows which VSA user (i.e. one of my engineers) connects to an agent and does work. Previously if you went to Agent > Agent Logs > Remote Control Logs it showed the recent remote connect sessions. Now this only appears to show the KVNC ones and not KRC. I've been trying to read the 7.0 Guide and Search online and in the VSA but I'm not finding much. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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  • As an example if I KRC into 5 agents without any issues, go to the agent > Agent Logs > Remote Control Logs it does not record any of the sessions there. Did Kaseya move this log repository showing historical remote connect sessions?

  • WOW .... Kaseya has moved this to System > Server Management > System Log. How does this make sense? What if someone else from Master or an administrator needs to track and find whose connecting to remote agents via KRC?

    I'm curious to hear someone from Kaseya thoughts on this.

  • This is only temporary. There will be new and expanded KRC logging coming in the September release.

    - Max

  • Alright ... well what doesn't make sense is why put the KRC connect and disconnect logs in the System module? Not the Remote Control module? It's also not clear in the agent logs when you click Remote Control Logs you would expect to see every attempt at remotely connecting to an Agent documented there.

    Very confusing guys.

  • Hi Middz,

    I don't disagree that it's confusing but it's only temporary (there was another thread that discussed the reasoning). Hopefully the upcoming 8.0 release will bring back everything you need.