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Admin collisions

  • Okay, I found my biggest beef with the new remote control in K7: Admin collisions.

    There is no way, none whatsoever, to tell when Admin Joe is already remote controlling Server Alpha when Admin Bill wants to jump in and take care of a ticket. Master Admin Me doesn't even see a way to tell that either of them have ever been in control of a machine. This is a big problem for our process management and accountability.


  • "Thank you for contacting Kaseya Support. This is currently a known issue and has been reported to our development team. This issue has been placed within the development teams backlog.

    Currently the fixed release for this is set to September. I am linking your ticket to the problem ticket of this issue, so if any updates regarding this issue come out, you will be notified."

    I can't profess to being a huge fan of the "your fix is 3-4 months away" response...

  • I will open a ticket for this as well, as no logging is a huge issue I was not aware of until recently. Thanks!

  • GreyDuck,

    We are using the server fix to tell when anyone is remoted into a server. I have created a procedure that adds "-remote" to a registry key. This will show that a user is active when they are remoted into a server system. the specific key is:


    This works with kaseya 6.5 not sure about version 7 yet but I dont suspect any problems.

  • A couple of notes on this topic:

    • temporarily for R7 we created were only able to create a single log on the System > System Log page that is created when an admin initiates a remote connection.  We were not able to finish the other logs until some additional security items had been addressed to insure we logged back to the VSA in a secure manner
    • We are planning to bring these logs back in R8 as Agent Logs > Kaseya Remote Control Logs much like the Agent Logs > Remote Control Logs

    I hope this is a tiny bit helpful.  So at least you know what is coming. 

  • , I see that we can determine the time that the technician initiated the connection, but is there a way that we can see how long the connection was engaged for?

  • ...are we incrementing the release number three times a year now, Chad?

  • Every quarter.

  • Right now GreyDuck is correct it's every 4 months (not every quarter). I personally don't know what the plan is for the future but my understanding is that the September release will be v8.0 and January will be v9.0, of course this could all change :)

    - Max

  • Kerry D

    I can't profess to being a huge fan of the "your fix is 3-4 months away" response...

    We've encountered this a couple of times now and I'm with you on this one.  My boss is even less of a fan as evidenced by the fact that he put SCCM on my project list for the fall.
  • Ah yes 4 months, good catch  :)

  • But knowing that fixes will be implemented correctly the first time around gives me peace of mind.

    I hated when a hot fix would fix one item, but broke 3 other things...

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  • Yes, but...

    Some of what we're seeing never should have made it out of testing.  Quick example: being able to add something to the Application Blocker but not being able to remove it.  Try sitting on that for a few weeks waiting for them to fix it while your boss...a programmer himself...is pitching a fit.  Fortunately that was fixed in the *.16 patch but negative karma is struck off the ledger at the VP level.

  • The worst thing about being told that your fix is 3-4 months away is the fact that if you choose to skip a release, your fix is now 7-8 months away if not more.  It's extremely frustrating to pay for software maintenance and not ever receive it.

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  • Scott i am right there with you. This is complete BS. I thought this new management team had a grip on everything but i guess not. When we were at version 6.5 it was "wait till 7" and everything will be perfect and gain your trust!. hahahahahaha

    Now typical kaseya......Wait till version 8. go figure. My renewal is up in september and labtech has never looked so good.