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New KRC Timeout

  • Does the new KRC not adhere to the system timeout? In our 7.0 lab we set the timeout down to 5 minutes and left the browser idle, after getting kicked out of the site KRC continued to stay up and functional. Does anyone know of a KRC timeout setting that may be somewhere else on the site?



  • - In 6.5 Live Connect would adhere to the system timeout setting however this was a bug.  Historically we have not tied these 2 things together.  Right now we will only terminate a remote control session if the user requests it.  Otherwise, it will stay connected as long as we are able to maintain a connection.  

    If you feel strongly, that this should be reverted back to 6.5 behaviour, please enter a feature request on helpdesk.kaseya.com/home under the Command and Control section.  You can see the feature request section at the very bottom of the page.