So, we have had tons of issues with Kaseya's built-in VNC and RDP functionality. Since Kaseya takes more than 30 to connect to machines for us and we already own licensing for GoTo Manage for each of our technicians, I decided to get creative.

I wrote an agent procedure that downloads the GoTo Manage unattended installer for our account to a folder on the target machine and then installs it silently without user input. The nice thing about this is that if we have an issue connecting via Kaseya, then I can deploy GoToManage directly to that machine and it will show up in my unattended computers list within a few minutes and then I can connect flawlessly.

To accomplish this, here is what I did.

1) I logged into our gotomanage account online at:

2) I located the unattended installer and downloaded the Windows MSI installer package.

3) I uploaded the MSI package to our company's shared Dropbox account under a folder called kpackages.

4) I wrote an agent procedure on the machine that follows these stops:

                          * Checks if the gotoassist service is running. If yes, then email user. If no, then proceed to step 2.

                          * Makes directory to store the file by running command from shell "mkdir %systemdrive%\kpackages"

                          * Get URL - "http://URL of my dropbox msi file" wait to complete before proceeding - I set this to only work for those with the URL, so its not public. It downloads the file to the kpackages directory and names it KGTADEPLOY.MSI

                          * Execute MSI windows installer silently and do no reboot -- Point it to the file I just downloaded "%systemdrive%\kpackages\KGTADEPLOY.MSI"

                          * Waits 60 seconds

                          * Checks if service is running and emails whether success or failure