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Remote control type not kvnc

  • Over the last few weeks we have suddenly noticed that we are seeing RDP selected as the control type for multiple clients.  Our install template agent has kvnc and has always installed itself when we add a new machine (going on almost 2 years now)

    What I can't figure out is why seemingly identical machines, one would have kvnc, the other rdp, some others just plain vnc when all installed from same installer.

    I have an open ticket (Ticket CS109270) but they are having comprehension problems (my ticket update i send stated that over last 2 weeks we have started seeing this.  Next response...could you let us know when this started happening...sigh)

  • So, this old problem is still kicking around for us...randomly it seems we deploy the same agent every time to machines and some will come up with RDP instead of KVNC...but its very inconsistent.  I can manually go back and change it from RDP to kVNC, but I can't figure out any pattern at all.