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FTP Times Out When Sending a Large File

  • Hey everyone,

    I've had this issue for a while and I'm sure many of you have also. When downloading or uploading large files via Kaseya's FTP, the connection will time out every time. How can we fix this?



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  • think I am going mad but there was an entry in here about Filezilla correct...?

    Anyway my question was I noticed when testing that you have to keep the Explorer window open to keep the connection on filezilla active - does the explorer window not time out as normal and as such you are back int he same boat...?

  • But definitely better to use a proper FTP tool anyway...

  • Yeah was good while it lasted but the timeout issue still seems to exist.... ah well.

  • There was some information on FileZilla here. However, shortly after I posted the information the connection closed on me while transferring a large file. It seemed like it made the connection last longer than it would but it still wasn't the solution I needed. I basically used the loopback IP of and the port number that the FTP session was using to connect. I changed the connection to active rather than passive (won't  connect otherwise) in the settings and chose for it to send keep alive commands. It seemed like it was working for about 10 minutes and then ended up disconnecting like usual.  

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