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Any news on Kaseya Home Grown Remote Control

  • Anyone any news on this?


  • The only news I have is that yes, we are actively working on improvements to the remote control functionality.  I don't have any timelines for you though.  

  • Can we have anything more on maybe the following

    * Does it work better than current offering

    * Does it integrate with ServiceDesk and other parts of VSA, for example recording time engineer spent etc.

    * I'm assuming it's just going to be another option to remote control a machine in the options and it will also be free as current offering is far behind the competition

    * Any other features it may have?

  • As we get closer to product release there will be an announcement that will outline the feature set.  Watch our product announcement page for that posting.  www.kaseya.com/.../product-schedule.aspx

  • Yesterday the Kaseya Connect session on the Road Map talked about it. It's in their "Tomorrow" phase of the Road Map which they only clarrified as something that should be released before the end of the year.

    They also mentioned that somewhere they have demo machines setup so that you can test it. I'm not at the conference so I haven't see this. One person in the audience called it "Freakin Awesome".

  • I was at the conference and they had someone giving a demo. It looked very cool!!

    They said release should be end of the summer but who knows....

  • Ciuple quick notes from seeing this at Kaseya Connect and talking to Paul Wong about it:

    1.  First release will be for Windows, Mac and Linux to follow soon after

    2.  Goal is to support mobile platforms as well - view or even remote control iOS, Android, Windows Phone

    3.  VERY quick

    4.  Unique way of handling screen changes to make it more efficient, no numbers given but said to be lighter load on bandwidth than RDP

    5.  App switcher/launcher that limits screen changes also

    6.  First release will be added as an option in the remote control methods (like RDP, VNC, etc.)

    7.  Goal now is late Summer for release, but they are looking for shops willing to test drive on non-production systems using SaaS for the backend

  • Everything jilderton said was true. From what I can tell after seeing the new remote control demo in the workshops at the kaseya connect conference, it was a really slick new remote control.

    It was very responsive and looked great. I had talked with the developer that was working on it and I was very excited for everything he had to say about it. The live demo that was given was very impressive.

    I think that they are shooting for a release in the 6.4 update which as jilderton said was hopefully a late summer release.

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  • Did anyone clarify whether this would be a 'free' additional remove control option or whether this was going to be some kind of premium add-on module? I hate to even have to ask but that's the world we live in.

  • @Matt -  that sounds great! do you know who was working on it?

  • I didn't ask, but from the way it was being talked about, it would be 'free'.

  • @Hans His first name was Matteo, I don't recall his last name off the top of my head, I got his contact info but i left it on at home this morning before i came to work.

  • At the conference the head honchio's said it would be offered as core, so FREE !!!!

  • saw it at Kaseya Connect - and it's awesome

  • yes it was relly cool, but as anything, when do I get it???? 6.4 is when they said it'll be ready. It will be in the SAAS model before onpremise. I'm sure though that if the commnuity starts to trun up the heat, we'll see it much sooner.