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Only one Remote Control Session at a time

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We have a client who is only wanting one agent to remote control into their agents at a time. Currently, you can have as many admins as you want open up remote control on a given agent and they all would have control ( i personally think this is fantastic so i can show other admins how to fix issues.) But sadly the client really only wants one admin to be able to remote control in at a time. Has anyone heard of this or would it be useful enough to send in a feature request?




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  • Josh,

    I wonder why the client is averse to having more than one admin attached at the same time.  It really doesn't change the experience on their end.  I wonder if its a concern over security somehow.  

    I don't believe there's a way to disallow multiple admins simultaneously as they're requesting.  The direction I'd take is to explain to them that you can log the activity, so we know which admin has been connected to which machines.  We can also explain that we have the ability to notify the client with a window so they know an admin is connected.

    It sounds like there's more discussion with this client because there's always more to the story...

    Good Luck,