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RESOLVED: Kaseya is not listening to us ! 6.1.0 Still has no quick remote control.

  • @trichert.  If you read my post from the other thread, I wrote, "There will be a new rollover feature in 6.1 that will mimic the old Machine Summary view (and hopefully make it even more useful). As part of the rollover there will be an option to immediately take Remote Control, along with a host of other functionality."

    I apologize if you read that to mean that Kaseya would be bringing back the Machine Summary view but what I was referring to was the Desktop Access button that would immediately launch KLC and Desktop Access.  Prior to the 6.1 release, I had numerous partners on the controlled release who tested the scroll over and agreed that it was a good replacement for the Machine Summary view.  I'm sorry if you don't agree.  If you would like me to take a look at your server and compare the performance of RC vs. KLC, feel free to ping me off list.  I would also be happy to show you my server and the speed with which I am able to connect.


  • @trichert - sounds like you guys are busy, I guess in that situation the solution is to regain that feature. I'm sorry I couldn't be more help.

  • Hello trichert,

    Please have a look at the following video I made:

    (pop it out in 720p to get a better view).

    I demonstrate how to configure Live Connect's Desktop Access Settings to get a VSA +1 window set up for remote desktop access. When the settings are saved, they become the default for that user. Each user can configure their default settings how they like. Configuring Desktop Access settings only needs to be done once; however, we do ship with a default configuration (which I believe you experienced) just to get people started.

    Personally, I'm with you... I like VSA +1 Window for Desktop Access for quick access to the remote desktop. If I need to do more than that, I launch the standard Live Connect environment.

    Hope this helps.

  • So taking a step back I first want to say thank you to everyone for trying to help, I am very appreciative even if it doesn't seem so of the attempts to help.

    The frustration of the situation is getting to me, I was really frustrated when 6.0.1 came out and broke what we considered core functionality, We found a work around by coding a custom alt-click and were comforted by the fact that 6.1 was going to address the issue and we could wait until January.  So I was very disapointed to install yesterday evening and find it didnt accomplish what I thought it would.  

    Max -- I understand that KLC is much faster now, and that the VNC within the KLC is faster then outside.  I definiately see use for the new functionality.  But for us, remote control is the core of the product.  Changing to Firefox or Chrome simply isn't an option for us the majority of our helpdesk tools only work with iE.  I don't understand why a link can't be added to the glimpse view to launch the preconfigured remote control ?  Are you guys trying to get rid of that entirely ?  It should litteraly be less then an hour of coding time to fix this and would really help us out.

  • trichert

    @danrche - I just tried your solution, machine views can't be created around currently logged in user so this is not a possible solution.

    I apologise if this is not helpful, and it is certaintly not as quick as what you are looking for.  But the quoted statement is in fact incorrect.

    If you click on edit to create a new view, scroll to the bottom and tick the box next to Advanced agent data filter, then hit define filter, about half way down should be current user.  you should be able to enter in the user in there and filter machines that way.

    Its not as quick and as simple maybe, buts its a possible workaround.

    Again apologies if I have misunderstood the question.  Or just reposted something someone else said. Feel free to ignore...

  • Trichert we feel your pain.  The amount of time this "new" way wastes is really unacceptable.  I was hoping the newer release would fix this but I guess as you say they do not listen.  I don’t see how anyone could say there is not much difference.  Just wanted you to know you are not alone.  Very disappointed here.  Remote control needs to be fast.

  • One question, I've not upgraded to 6.1 for a single reason. How different is making a connection in KLC? We have 1000+ users who use KLC or some form of remote control that I do not want to disrupt. It appears the menu system and other options have changed.

    Patrick... any chance you can make a video of what the default desktop access options are in 6.1? Also is there a way using machine roles to limit the changes so everything looks the same for those who use KLC?  

  • Folks just to clarify - in 6.1 do you still have the option for Alt + Click = limited mode KLC


  • This has turned into a bit of a hot topic.  We all have pain when it comes to using Kaseya.  Its UI can be very painful at times but they are clearly making progress.  its just a shame its so painfully slow.  

    Although its not the answer you want I would consider making my own front-end app of some kind for this.  you should not have to but its the only way to get exactly what you want.  Additionally, I'm not sure about everyone else but when I hover my mouse over the Kaseya icon it clearly shows me the name of my machine.  Wont this do to identify that users machines?  Change the icon to be a fluro-orange dot if you have to make it easy for users to find.  But its a solution of sorts.

    Anyway, while we are on the topic.  Where is the major revamp for the Dashboards that I heard being promised for this release?!  yeah right.  6.1 is not the all singing-all-dancing overwhelming problem solver that Kaseya came dangerously close to over-promising.  Anyway...

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  • jdvuyk -- Yes hovering over the icon gives the computer name.  However, you clearly have not tried to walk a doctor through such a simple exorcise over the phone :)  

    mmartin -- Yes alt-click is still there.

    Why do we have to talk about the work around being to write a custom app (and i have no developers to do this btw) when it was functionality that existed before, Kaseya removed and hasn't replaced ?  

  • "you clearly have not tried to walk a doctor through such a simple exorcise over the phone" seems like an over-assumption.  This is what most of us around here do every day, or at least have done in the past before trying to use Kaseya as a way to move away from this sort of thing.

    I know you were joking to some degree but this is a fairly easy solution to your problem:

    'can you see the xxxx icon down near your clock?'


    'Move your mouse over the top but dont click anything.  What does the popup bubble say?'


    I know some users can be pretty useless but *most* can handle such a simple task.  Make your K icon big/bright/unmissable and your most of the way there.

  • trichert

    jdvuyk -- Yes hovering over the icon gives the computer name.  However, you clearly have not tried to walk a doctor through such a simple exorcise over the phone :)  

    Was he posessed?


    Why do we have to talk about the work around being to write a custom app (and i have no developers to do this btw) when it was functionality that existed before, Kaseya removed and hasn't replaced ?  

    My theory is that if enough people make enough noise a decision is made, whether nor not it is a good decision will only be found after execution... Personally I never did like LC, until someone found a way to make it useful for me... now it seems to be crashing my browsers a lot (both IE and FF, I'm not a big fan of Chrome).  I'm not harping on anyone too much about as it seems to be only me (in my office anyways) so it could be a configuration issue with my rig... That being said, I've been following many of the LC threads and have to agree, there is much improvement that could be done, but please let them fix the broken stuff first before making a modification or implementing a "fix" that could mess other things up... Now what most are requesting from this thread, Remote control that works like the RC "tab" and that little hack that some other dude (sorry I can't remember how did it off the top of my head but it works nicely) did... well it seems like it shouldn't be too hard to do, but we have no idea what was going on in the heads of the dev staff... In anycase, with any luck we'll get a product that is more useful... I find Kaseya great in comparison to what I used to have to use... 

  • Seriously you haven't worked with doctors and technology, the conversation does not go like that at all.  

    "Can you see the K icon down near your clock?"

    "What clock"

    "Down in the lower right hand corner of your monitor"

    "This is a laptop son I don't have a monitor."

    "No problem, but your laptop does have a screen, in the bottom right hand corner would be the time, next to it should be a blue K, do you see this?"


    "What do you see?"


    And the conversation goes on like that usually ending in the doctor chastising the technician for wasting his time.  I realize this may not be a problem at most companies, but for us it is a major obstacle and is one of the main reasons we shelled out a lot of money for Kaseya so that we would not have to have this conversation ever again.  This is not a solution for us, nor was I joking about their complete technical ineptitude.  They can save my life and cure me of many strange and unprounceable diseases, but they can not operate a computer.  

  • Actually I have/do work with doctors and it rarely goes like that... (I'm looking for wood to knock on)

    However I do have conversations like that with social workers and engineers...

  • Geez this is one hot potato of a post :)

    Regarding the "can't ask my customers to know their computer names", here are a few simple solutions;

    1) Give the customer access to the Machine Portal, it has all the information they will ever need in it and you can customize it if it is to much for them.

    2) You can add the "Current User" and "Last logged in" Columns under the Agent Status Function list option, this is the option I personally use as I prefer that my customers logon with their own user names. I will admit that I have had some customers with random user names that did not know what they logged on with.

    3) Back to the machine portal idea you can add a procedure that will email you the computer name that the customer can execute.

    As to having all yer agents in one big group, I would agree that that would be very difficult to maintain, even in an enterprise environment you would still want to split the machines up by either by network or by their geographical location as it makes finding network issues a lot easier.