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Reset Password Issue with Windows 7 when creating a new admin account

  • I am trying to create a new local administrator account on a Windows 7 Professional computer which is part of a domain.

    It fails saying "Script Summary: Failed THEN in step 1"

    Looking at the agent logs give me the following details error "ERROR: manageWinAccount() failed with error code 2224"

    The new account isnot using an existing account, or disabled account, for example "itadmin"

    I have enabled the local administrator on the computer, as I have read a post which says if it is disabled you are unable to create a new account.

    But the above error still occurs only when trying to perform this operation on a Windows 7 computer.

    Can anyone offer assistance, or has any else experienced this issue?



  • I have seen this happen several times. It hasn't happened enough that I've spent time digging into it. As a work around, I just log into the PC normally, manually create an account, and then set the agent credentials to use the new account I just created. It's not a "fix" per se, but for the few times it's happened this has gotten us to the point where we've got a working agent on the machine.