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Enable remote control if it is disabled by user

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1 of our user has disabled the remote control option.

Is there anyway we can enable this option remotely?

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  • I wrote a script to do this and posted back on the old forum...here is the link.





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  • If it is the same one I tried then it didn't work for me in K2 as they changed how it works because people are not suppose to be able to re-enable it. I have found a few ways around it but the best solution is to call the owner of the computer and ask them to enable it. If you were able to override it and they find out they will be pretty annoyed and if they are a customer or even a boss you are likely to get in deep trouble.

    If  they can't enabled but have given you permission to over-ride the only easy way that I can share at this point and time is to remote uninstall the agent and remote install it again. Don't bother trying to install it over the top as use the existing configuration file. Before you do it template the agent (use the export or copy functions) or use the uninstall method that retains the agent data so that you can merge the old and new agents object under the Kaseya portal once you are done.

  • This script works just fine and it was written for K2.

    I even have another script which enables remote control....but maintains the 'disabled remote control' icon...so the user is none the wiser ;-)

  • Would you mind posting the second script?

  • josh-

    Is that sneaky or fired material? I can't decide!