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Stuck key when have remote session open

  • Anyone else ever have problems where if you have a remote control window open, it seems that there is a Control or Shift key stuck on your local console?

    I've changed keyboards, upgraded system bios, up to date on updates, virus/malware scan clean, etc.    But I just have random times where like if I go to click on an icon on my LOCAL desktop, all icons will select, or I have trouble trying to draw a box around something, etc, etc.  Just like I were holding down Ctrl, but I'm not.

    Seems to only happen when I have a Kaseya Remote Control window open.

  • Ahh yes, this is a known problem from our point of view - it happens quite a bit to us, usually when we have multiple RC sessions open and are switching between them regularly.

    Rest assured this is a Kaseya bug in Remote Control, and not your hardware or OS.

    To fix, press and release all the modifier keys once each, one at a time. (shift, ctrl, alt. be sure to press all 6).

  • This has been going on for years. Just one more feature.