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Feature request needs upvotes for "Force-Paste" into KRC/Live Connect

  • I tried Shift+Insert and that worked!

    Only drawback: You have to start the remote connection first and then copy the password in the clipboard.

    It doesn't work if the password is already in the clipboard, before you start the remote connection.

    Not a problem if you are remoting in 2 or 3 times a day. Big problem, if you do 2 or 3 times every 15 minutes...

  • Still struggeling with @ € ~ and | in my passwords. Someone's got a solution for that?

    BTW: Did someone manage to bind the script to something else than middle mouse button? After all the middle mouse button is very helpfull in every browser for opening a link in another tab. Don't want to loose that function...

  • Really no answer?

    Maybe someone could confirm this:

    1. I can only bind the macro to mouse buttons, because all keys are eaten by Kaseya Remote Control.

    2. Therefore I have to sacrifice one mouse button, which I cannot use any more for it's orignially intended function.

    Is this really true? Is there really no better solution?

    I cannot believe, this is the only solution. Because who would use KRC, when one has to sacrifice the left, right or middle mouse button?

    We are still in the testing phase an haven't decided for Kaseya but this defintely a show stopper. It's really hard to believe, that there are people out there who are willing to make this compromise...

  • Keep in mind that this is really *only* needed for pasting passwords to log on.   All other copy and paste works just fine, and at the end of the day this is really working around a security restriction that Microsoft put in place to prevent pasting a password into the password box on logon. So at the end of the day it's not really a "show stopper", just an inconvenience.   As you have to type the password.  

    As far as your special characters unfortunately I have no experience there and can't help you.   I have no issues with pretty much *any* special characters on a US keyboard with that last release of this script.

  • Jonathan, *only* for logging in? Logging in to client's server is something every support engineer is doing many, many times every day. Passwords get more complex and longer and become impossible to type. Believe me, you wouldn't want to type F=§5fjq7S}3Y+$(!RTs(J=5y+JCa% even once a day.

    I understand that this AutoHotkey-Script is a workaround but a workaround that works with every remote control solution I saw in the last few years and a workaround which worked with older versions of KRC, too.

    The problem is not Microsoft disabling pasting into a logon box. There was a workaround for that. The problem is that Kaseya decided to change KRC to eat all the keys pressed, so that we cannot bind the macro to a key.

    Let's ignore the problem with the special characters. I would happily use only passwords without these four characters, if I only could use thau AutoHotkey-script. ;-)

    But I just learned, that there is at least one user who is able to bind the script to ctrl+shift+v. That doesn't work for me. Is this working for other users as well?