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KRC Window Black, KLC Window Active

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I have one PC with the latest version of KLC installed (downloaded and installed 3/10/17). When I try to remote control a Kaseya agent with the latest version (v9.4.0.6) I get a black screen - latency data changes and a push of ctl-alt-del shows the login screen on the KLC page but not the remote control page - its still black. I have rebooted, uninstalled/reinstalled KLC - no change.  Has anyone seen this? Any suggestions or fix?  

Thanks in advance for any input.  

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  • I ran into this same problem. Working with Kaseya they told me this is related to an issue with the Live Connect Application working in combination with a video driver that causes the crash.

    They sent me a new Live Connect .exe file that go around the video card driver which worked for me.