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Create an Event upon remote connection

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Is there a way to raise an event in the event log when a user connect to a server using KRC or legacy connection?   We have a client that is going thru a PCI audit and they need a year of history and Kaseya will only keep 180 days.  An event would be preferred anyway because then it would get written to their logging server and they would have better access to it.

I tested and it does not look like KRC currently writes an event to the log.   I don't see any options in Kaseya to write an event or to run an agent procedure upon remote connection.


- Marc

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  • The remote connection is logged to the Kaseya Remote Control Log (or Legacy Remote Control Log). Since Kaseya does log this it should be possible to trigger an action. But you should be able to set Log History to 365 for the Remote Control Logs, that would keep things within current options....

  • Ok, I found that the log history limit is limited by what is set by the check-in policy on the system tab.   If I raise the limit on the check-in policy for that machine group I can specify a longer log retention.

    But, I would still prefer to keep the remote control logging in event logs / logging server.  How would I go about triggering an action?   I can raise an event from an agent procedure.  Is there a way to run an agent procedure when someone connects in on KRC?