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Kaseya Remote Control and Safari 10.0 / macOS Sierra

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Is anybody else unable to launch Kaseya Remote Control from Safari 10.0? I found that enabling the Develop menu in Safari and changing the User Agent to present as Internet Explorer 11 allowed Remote Control to once again launch.

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    It is in the patch release notes, for 9.4:


    Kaseya Remote Control


    Fixed an issue with Kaseya Remote Control repeatedly prompting the user to download the KRC app when logged into the VSA using the Safari 10 browser on a MacOS Sierra machine.

    I think it was queued up for a 9.3 patch, but I am not sure if it shipped out or the status - I will look into it and get back on this thread.

    I have both 9.3 and 9.4 systems but I am not running sierra just yet on my machine.

  • still not fixed in 9.3 as of patch

  • Thanks very much.

    It did seem to help, however, I tried this trick too but it breaks pop-ups eg in Ticketing when you try and connect a ticket to a machine/org it pops up a window which connects with a new User Agent, then Kaseya logs you out.