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Can you change the default in K9 to launch a private session?

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hey all. im wondering if there is a way that when you click on the agent icon it launches a private session by default instead of the console session.

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  • , I don't know of a way to do this, and I guess if you were always connecting to servers, it would be OK, but this isn't going to work when you want to connect to a user's computer, since it will kick them off.

    Why did you want a private session?

  • What at least I want is a way to set the default for specific machines or machine groups.As it is now if you use Remote Control (the module) you always use VNC. This is not good as you need to start re-educate people how to remote control for example a server the correct way. There is no way you could force them to use KRC and/or Private session.

  • i think DirkGent alluded to it. and i'd reference back to 6.5 when you could select a server view and set it to RDP and select workstation view and set it to kVNC. I'd like to be able to do something similar with Private/Console KRC sessions. Whether it be a setting we have to enable or some kind of registry/script that we can run on server to set them to always use private

    @dirkgent: i'd be curious to know that when they finally phase out VNC maybe they will change the remote control module to be private sessions and anything else to be the console sessions.

  • and , is the reason for the private session for privacy?     If they could provide the ability to blank the screen, would that work?  I have often found it nice to work in the root session on servers.

    I understand what you mean about the settings in Remote Control.    They could add a "Private KRC" as an option, and simply check that before they connect, and execute the correct version of KRC.    The other possibility would be a SHIFT-Click or something that would kick off the Private session.

  • Why not change back to the way it was before v7,  when you select the defaults in the Remote control module? VNC, KRC or KRC Private. The reason using private sessions is for Windows-servers of course. You dont want anyone using the console on a server for a number of reasons... As it is now there is no reason to keep a Remote control module at all as it does nothing more than starting a VNC session...