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What do you use as a working alternative to KRC?

  • The only problems I've had with KRC is if the remote computer is on a poor internet connection, or the system resources of the remote computer are being consumed by something else.

    I use KRC a LOT, probably more than 100 times per week. This is with on prem server. SaaS instance also has been smooth, but I ust it a lot less.

    - What problems are y'all having?

  • Mainly that it's a big CPU hog.

    other things include: slow to launch and no built in features (like file transfer). You have to launch live connect for any of that which is slow/clunky to switch between. Look at all built in (directly in the remote session) you get with a product like screenconnect, teamviewer, etc.

  • KRC certainly has its shortcomings. too add to previous :-

    host windows clipboard is deleted when a KRC session starts

    Copy/paste&keyboard goes haywire if you have a few sessions open concurrently and rapidly switch between them and the host machine (e.g. the keystate thinks shift or ctrl or alt is being pressed, when it isn't) and/or the characters you type are transposed.

    Performance of the KRC client is only as fast as the slowest machine you're logged into -- so if you open up a session to a client on the end of a 3Mb/s DSL line or on a satellite link with high latency..you're gonna have a bad time. This also slows the host machine as well as KRC itself going unresponsive.

    KRC can't connect if the C: drive is full because KRC crashes when it can't create it's logfiles.

    Not being able to directly open LC is a massive headache.

    LC itself has a number of poor design choices. If LC drops out (eg pc reboots or their wifi drops out), it just forgets the machine you were working on. In a busy office with 10 or more LCs open concurrently, remembering which machine out of the 6,000 we support we had open after a reboot, is just impossible.

    I could go on...but suffice to say, it needs work. Yes, it is basically usable -- but not nearly adequate for a busy helpdesk.

  • Craig,

    When you say "Not being able to directly open LC is a massive headache." is that from within KRC itself?  You can launch LC from the agent panel just holding CTRL and clicking the agent icon vs. having to wait for the hover-popup to select it.  Incase you didn't know that shortcut.   Otherwise I agree with all your statements, we see the same limits, but generally it does work for us on a daily basis.

    We maintain a TeamViewer license, and utilizing it's "Quick Support" method when Kaseya fails us- but generally this technology is just used for any non-MSP client calls to get remotely connected with them, and anyone managed is using KRC/LC to connect.

  • We user BeyondTrust (formerly Bomgar). It works amazingly well and is less expensive then TeamViewer, and other alternatives we've looked into.

  • We use BeyondTrust too and the technicians love it and say it's much better, especially with globally dispersed clients.