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What do you use as a working alternative to KRC?

  • 6.5 - 20 patches - 8 months

    7 - 20 patches - 4 months

    Number of patches versus total time - I think it's a valid comparison.

  • @Neal,

    Besides scripting the installation, have you done any kind of integration between Kaseya and ScreenConnect?  What is the process your folks have to follow in order to connect to a remote computer?


  • I've been happy with the new KRC module.  So far I haven't experienced any serious issues with it.  It has made it a breeze to manage support requests on workstations.  That is saying a lot seems how our remote control solutions for workstation management since the day I bought Kaseya 5 years ago have been garbage and practically unusable.  Here are my two cents.

    1) KRC, just like the old KLC / VNC disconnects almost every time I log off a system.  Why can't anybody over there get this right so that it stops kicking me off a system when I log off?

    2) Sometimes on servers the KRC is extremely slow and nearly unusable.  I discovered the cause and solution is because the server has very limited video hardware and you need to disable video acceleration in the video properties.  (The truth is that the video card doesn't have any acceleration so it doesn't effect anything if you turn it off).

    3) Of all my complaints, just like others have mentioned in here - you've got to be a complete idiot over there at Kaseya to take out the RDP connectivity.  For God's sake - there is simply no excuse for being that stupid and anybody who tries to sugar coat it or throw out excuses is just stooping to the same level.  Please don't even try with me.  That was the one reliable things we had going for us that always worked and it still, no matter what somebody thinks over there at Kaseya, is the preferred method to administer a server - period!  Just give me a break - put the option for RDP back in the product and say sorry we f'd up and we heard you loud and clear.

  • I forgot to throw in #4.

    4) The new KRC is resource intensive.  While I can, and have reliably managed 10 or more active sessions quickly and efficiently, it stresses my CPU after the first 2 sessions to the max.  Luckily it was on a Core i5 that managed to keep up for the most part.  Its also fairly intensive on the remote end which is a bit of a drag because using 30-50% of the CPU for remote control can have quite an impact on performance.

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    Currently we don't have any integration between the products. Not something we are working on, but it would obviously reduce time required to support remote clients.

    Basically once we have the agent name our tech's simply pop it in the search field of the HTTPS portal of ScreenConnect then they are able to open the remote session required. It also gives you command line access to the agent like KLC but we find it's a lot more stable and just works.

    With the current process it probably adds up to 15 seconds to the remote access process.

  • @Neal,

    Thank you very much for sharing. I am going to have someone from my team investigate.

    Do you pay a one-time fee plus ongoing annual maintenance? Or do you pay a subscription fee each month?  Is the price based on the number of remote computers? the number of named users? the number of simultaneous connections?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Screen Connect charges by concurrent sessions.  I dont think there is maintenance, however updates within the 1st year are free.  After that there is a sliding scale on the renewal depending on how long you wait to renew.

    Getting back to the original topic...  I will say that I started really using v7 last week and am surprisingly happy.  We just upgraded to v8 and KRC seems to connect even faster than before (v7 was already super fast).

    Also, I have a workaround on the "CTRL + ALT + DEL" problem on my HyperV cores.  There is a dependency that almost all remote control apps have in order to simulate these (3) keys.  You can use the MS provided DLL's or you can develop your own (what VNC did a while back).  Either way you can simply download the DLL's from the Windows 7 SDK.  The needed DLL is "SAS.dll" and there is a 32/64 bit version respectively.

  • @Neal,

    Thank you very much for the tip on ScreenConnect. I checked it out today - very cool stuff. They have a 30-day trial license, which I downloaded and installed. We plan to test over the next week or so.  We're going to try making a Kaseya script to connect on demand, without maintaining a constant connection.


  • Damian do you know if the screen resolution with KRC is fixed in v8?  (not sure if you had an agent that had the issue in v7 that you could test with)

  • You would think with all of these threads of us the customer trying to find work arounds and solutions to the failed remote control.  Kaseya would put the RDP that worked back in so we could do our jobs and focus on making their new remote control work.  If I could downgrade to 6.5 I would in a hearbeat.  I could live with the lack of support as I am not getting it with v8 or v9 either!

  • Thanks for your feedback Robert. I'm still on 6.5 and been wondering if I should jump to 9.0. I'm going to stick on 6.5 for a while longer now.

  • Just curious, what's your experience with this these days? :)

  • We just put a link to our team viewer portal in the Kaseya icon. We can't use any remote control features of Kaseya, LCOD, RDP. Way too slow.  No tech will use it. Kaseya support had no answers. So we stuck with team viewer.

  • This is still true in 2018.

    No one in my Team wants to use KRC / RC (freezes, slow, consumes too much CPU, it is almost unusable for us). Teamviewer works great but there's no good integration with Kaseya.

    I wish Kaseya had a good Remote Control tool and I have gone through each and every "attempt" (VNC, KVNC, Old Live Connect, New Remote Control, New New Remote Control).. and some we just heard based on Adobe AIR that never seen the light.

    Kaseya may consider stop trying and do a good integration with a well known and working system such as Teamviewer.

  • Anyone ever figure out a custom integration with 3rd party remote control? Tired of waiting on Kaseya Remote Control.