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Admin collisions

  • Unfortunately, Version 8 will fix few and introduce more non working modules and components. I have many tickets for issues over 8-18 months old and the response is, wait until the next release. Guess what, the next two releases not only did not fix issues, but created a whole bunch of new ones.

    Not being able to see if a tech is on a system is one matter, how about seeing a screen that says Connected and then Lost Connection, 20% of the time?

    How about horrible screen resolution because the user has turned down their resolution and increased the screen fonts to the point where you get no scroll bars and can only see 1/4 quarter of the screen? And no way to adjust your view? How short sighted is that? And wait for 8.0 where that will be fixed! I would not bet on that one!

  • Labtech?

  • Perhaps