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I used to review remote control sessions from Agent - Agent Logs and choose the machine and Remote Control Log.  Now it seems that only KVNC sessions show up there.  Is there any place that activities from KRC are logged for review?

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  • Craig Hart,

    The KRC Logs show the admin name of the individual that initiated the remote connection - this should be the VSA login name, not the admin's first name.  Since the login should always be unique for any given server, your logs should always show a unique admin.  If you're seeing otherwise, I would advise opening a ticket with Support.  

  • Brande, please take a very careful look at the dbo.KaseyaremoteConrol.Log table the SQL database, and tell me if KRC logging is working as intended, or not.  You may wish to compare this with dbo.rclog and see the differences between 'classic' logging and KRC logging.

    FYI: my VSA login is "Craig Hart". Agent-Agent logs-Kaseya Remote control Log shows only "Craig" in the admin column. When VSA user "Craig Jones" logs in and performs a KRC session, the log column also shows "Craig" in the admin column.

    So, who performed the RC session, Craig Hart or Craig Jones ?

    I gues I can cross-refewrence the VSA user log with the KRC log to determine who, but surely it would be better just to write the VSA admin's full name into KaseyaremoteConrol.Log ??

    FYI: I have submitted ticket #50592 on this issue, which Kaseya has confirmed as a bug, and is *not* fixed in R9.

  • That's interesting, Craig.  What I see in the KRC log (Agent > Agent Logs > Kaseya Remote Control Log) is the admin name, not the resolved first name.  Support will certainly be best to address, but my experience (R8) is different than what you're reporting.