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Zoom and/or Resolution in Remote Control

  • FWIW, I've found I have to pre-install  K-VNC in order to use it.

  • Are you sure you have to pre-install vs. it taking a while to do the initial install if K-VNC isn't there?  If K-VNC isn't on the machine, Kaseya will automatically run the exact same install scripts to install K-VNC on demand as it does with the preinstall. You can check pending scripts to see if Kaseya is installing K-VNC if it's not already there.

    - Max

  • Max - this issue (the screen scaling) along with a number of others are causing us a real headache in just the first 8 hours of our upgrade - what is Kaseya doing to ramp up the fixes?  

  • Kaseya is back to bi-weekly patches, though there was an issue with this week's patch so it was cancelled and will come out on the next patch date. I'm not in Dev nor Support so unfortunately I don't know what's being fixed with each patch. When it comes to KRC issues, Chad Gniffke is the product manager so feel free to message him.

  • I have this issue too. Affects every one of my Windows 8.1 machines. Noticed it first trying to connect to Microsoft Surface's.

    Unfortunately, my old Remote Control, i.e. clicking the computer name, does not work either. Logs me off. Tech support gave me a work-around which did not work. They told me to try the work around again, like I did something wrong.

    I'm dead in the water, completely frustrated that I wasted so much time and money in this, and am now talking to N-Able. I cannot do this anymore. I have to be able to connect to my clients.

    Kaseya... instead of acquiring new companies, work on your existing product line where you're making your money.