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Zoom and/or Resolution in Remote Control

  • Maybe I'm missing something here, but is there really no way to zoom or control resolution in the new remote control? Resolution would be ideal, but even just zoom in/out is a necessity as you can't always see the whole screen.

    Any ideas?



  • Noticed this as well. Used the new remote and the resolution was blown up so much I could not see the taskbar.  Mouse pointer and clicks were not showing up either, I right-clicked in the upper half of the screen, and the window opened someplace I could not see. I was unable to interact with the computer so I used K-VNC.

    Is there someplace to adjust the remote connection settings?


  • I noticed this problem with customers that had the font scaling turned on.  Normally we recommend not having font scaling turned on but there are a few people who use it for visibility problems.  We have had to revert to using VNC in these situations.

  • I'm curious. Can you post a screenshot of when this happens? I've been trying to replicate this behavior on my end with out any success. Changing font sizes and desktop resolution size.

  • We're getting the same thing on a few agents.  Not sure what to do.  Since there's no scroll bars or anything, it's completely useless on these machines.

    Here's what it looks like:

    It does it on both displays as well.

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  • latest version of KRC installed on your desktop I assume.

    Does this happen on another workstation with KRC installed? Same issue? Tried the Mac version of KRC?

    On Mac resizing the KRC window will adjust the resolution automatically for me.

  • Yes, it does happen on other workstations with KRC installed.   There are a few of us using KRC, and we encounter the same issue with the same agents.

    Not sure about the Mac version. I can give it a try a little later today.

  • Ok, it looks almost the same on a Mac.  No scroll bars either.

  • Hello all!  

    This is a known issue and planned for release in September 2014.  It can be referenced on the Kaseya Roadmap under Remote Control as "Support HiDPI displays (Retina).

    community.kaseya.com/.../roadmap.aspx - thanks for your patience.

  • I'm a little confused.  I don't think there's any HiDPI displays involved here...?  If anything, that example was a fairly low resolution display.

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  • I do not believe this is a "Retina" issue, as we are having this on MANY clients, it has forced us once again to use TeamViewer to manage our clients. There needs to be a patch to fix this, as going over 60 days or so without using the core package to manage our clients is not an acceptable solution.

    Any progress? any solution? anything?

  • Part of the problem I see is that Kaseya is not describing the problem very well. I'll try to  summarise some of what has been said so far. The first correction is "retina" is an Apple trade mark name it is not a screen resolution and I think this is part of the confusion. What the problem seems to be is scaling on none standard screen resolution and as most :"retina" screens are none standard resolutions then you have a scaling problem. There are many other screens for lots of reasons have different resolution in particular laptops.

    What would help is if Kaseya can give some detail on what works and what does not. Enough people now have logged tickets. If you can produce a good FAQ then most of these questions will go away.

  • Adrian,

    Thank you.  You are exactly right.  HiDPI screens and Retina are poor examples and leave room for interpretation.  Right now we know that HiDPI screens that have Windows Scaling enabled will have issues.  I will work with the engineering team to write something up.  

    Thanks for your patience.

  • We are also running into this issue now.

  • It looks like anything with the font scaling set to a non-default setting does this in KRC. Of course, good luck getting it turned back off short of connecting via K-VNC (if you can get that to work; we're having some issues with THAT now).

    As usual, a new release fixes a lot of things we wanted fixed but adds a bunch of new bugs that are driving us batty.