Kaseya Community Patch: Video Streaming removed... does anyone actually use it?

  • Was reading through the Release Notes and saw that Video Streaming is now removed in (6.5 patch 13). Patch Releases - 13 May 2014


      • The Remote Control > Video Streaming page has been removed. Using standard agents and their existing remote control capabilities is recommended as an alternative. (IP-156/CC-1599)

    We use ScreenConnect for non-Agent machine support, so this doesn't really impact us.

    This post is not meant to be troll bait, but rather to let folks know that if they upgrade to they're going to lose Video Streaming... and to pose the question of how many folks this will impact.

  • Hmm. Thanks for pointing that one out Brian, I missed that and I'm getting ready to finally take the plung and update to 6.5... I'll have to check with my guys to see if they still utilize that any more or not. I know that we *used* to, however I don't *think* it gets much use here any more, as there were just too many times that it didn't work, and overall our owner takes that standpoint that if we're dealing with a time and materials customer that we don't have our agents on, then they aren't paying us to be efficient and work remotely.

  • Video Streaming was never usable, because the endpoint who starts the session need local administrator rights.

    But someone could miss this function, so I can't understand Kaseya that they didn't replace this function with a alternativ. But it looks this is the new way from kaseya.

    We using teamviewer for endpoints without a Kaseya Agent and this works great.