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Adopting vPro's KVM Remote Control just got easier

  • Intel has just launched a new online technical tool, the Kaseya vPro Navigator. It gives detailed, step-by-step instructions on provisioning vPro-based PCs and using the vPro remote management functions already integrated into Kaseya. And you get a chance to win a free GoPro HERO 3 Video Camera, which can't be bad. Check it out and let us know what you think at https://msp.intel.com/KaseyavProNavigator

    If you'd like to see real-world quantified benefits of vPro--quantified by Kaseya-using MSPs, not Intel--we show those in a number of case studies. Two of them are linked on the Kaseya page on intel.com, and many more are here.

    Scott Schafer, Intel Corporation

  • Sweet. Doing that.

  • @Scott

    Any plans for vPro Network KVM to support 3rd party Video cards?

  • Were you able to try the Kaseya vPro Navigator? What did you think?

  • HardKnoX -

    The short answer is no.

    The Intel AMT KVM only operates with Intel® Integrated Graphics. A platform may also have an external graphics system such that the platform user can switch back and forth between the graphics interfaces. An example of a dual graphics scheme is a mobile platform that has an external graphics interface that is faster and has higher resolution than the integrated graphics but uses more power. Such a platform must be set to use Intel Integrated Graphics for an Intel AMT KVM session to work successfully. OEMs may provide a mechanism to switch from external graphics to integrated graphics, often a software application that runs on the host.

    A vPro ystem by definition has Intel Integrated Graphics. These systems can be provided with multiple video out ports, however how multiple monitors are handled depends on the system’s AMT version:

    AMT 6  – only monitor #1 for vPro KVM, 1600x1200

    AMT 6.2  – only monitor #1 for vPro KVM,1920x1080

    AMT 7  – only monitor #1 for vPro KVM, 1920x1200

    AMT 8 – Up to 3 monitors can be accessed, only 1 at a time, 1920x1200

    AMT 9 – Up to 3 monitors can be accessed, only 1 at a time, 2560x1600

    Let us know if you need more info. And be sure to check out the Kaseya vPro Navigator

  • Thanks for this... Simple as it seem, I'm still having issues with the instructions. Under "Discover", step 7, is the "Password used to provision the clients" the Kaseya Credentials account? Where does the "AMT password" come into play and where is it set? When I try to restart a vPro Enabled test machine to BIOS I  am getting a "Connection refused error".

  • Sorry. Got it figured out.