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Any news on Kaseya Home Grown Remote Control

  • Would REALLY like to see demo of this.  

    When you guys were getting the demo was it mentioned if this could only be used as part of a remote control session or could it also be used for video streaming.  The current VS option is so poor we're having to look around for another solution as we are losing so many man hours per day trying to connect to some sites.  Not so bad if we have an agent on a machine but where we don't VS is completely hit and miss, though mostly miss.

  • Sorry Alistair, i'm not sure i understand what you are asking (haven't had my coffee yet) but i'll try to answer.  The demo showed remote controlling a windows 7 pc from a mac and they were able to stream video over that session as well.  It was very clear and no stutter.  They were also able to scroll through text without any of that really slow redraw nonsense you get from vnc right now.  

    As I understand it, it'll be a third option from kaseya.  You can choose RDP, VNC or Kaseya Remote Control so you'll have a choice. This may change, I'm guessing even Kaseya doesn't know internally how they'll want it.  I'm guessing there may be other licensing issues involved with the other versions.  

    They also were wondering the best way to show multiple monitors.  The feedback we gave, and others as well, is to have a selection at the top where you can choose from monitor 1, monitor 2, monitor 3, etc, rather than shrinking everything down to fit on your one monitor which would make it almost useless if you are on a laptop trying to support a guy with 2 24" monitors

  • For multiple monitors they had it setup that it was normal size and had a scroll bar a the bottom to go between both screens. Someone suggested to him to add a button to switch between screens and they said they will add that in.

  • As far as the video sharing question goes, I don't remember if it was mentioned in the remote control demo or not, but I do recall hearing (either at a panel or at a demo) that they were improving the VS feature. I currently don't use it so I didn't focus on that.

  • Some notes on new remote control hopefully coming with Kaseya 6.4:

    1.) XMPP-Based Agent Communication = FAST, built for scalability, chat and other functionality inherent to protocol.

    2.) Copy and Paste, Drag and Drop. I watched Matteo drag a file from his Mac Desktop to the remote Windows Desktop. Sweet action.

    3.) There was some kind of "remote Expose" - remote control initiated from a Mac, controlling a Windows machine, tiling the remote Windows on the screen similar to Mac OS X's Expose feature.

    4.) the remote application launcher also looked great (saw it mentioned above).

    I believe Remote Control FA was discussed specifically in the Roadmap presentation, which is available here: www.ustream.tv/.../22299258

    6.3 is bringing a lot of good stuff (record-able remote control), but 6.4 is really going to kick it up another notch. Exciting year for Kaseya.

  • There is a reason it's code-name is "Remote Control FA"

  • Sheesh! I made one simple comment on the product and now it get's branded! Well here's to K actually releasing KRC-FA in 6.4 and it behaves exactly (if not better) as we saw it run for us at the recent K Connect event.

  • BTW - Regarding Video Streaming. I pointed out to K execs that if you were to survey the people attending and ask them how many use Logmein.com, I bet you'd get a lot more than 50% of them saying yes we do. One of the core reasons will be for remote controlling machines without agents (or when the agent has an issue). I then asked that they replace video streaming with KRC-FA so that we could replace our logmein.com costs with this.

  • Glad to hear I'm not alone with needing some sort of video streaming for agentless machines.  It's a complete PITA for me as I get support guys complaining day in day out that they can't access machines.  We've blocked just about every 'free' solution as they're not really free and the cost of a third party solution for the number of users we have is not funny.

    I don't think the usual moans about Kaseya charging for a product like this would surface either provided they make it sensible.  Your thoughts fellow community dwellers.

    KRC-FA would be a brilliant name which could go down in Kaseya history.

  • @ David,

    As we are still transitioning from a traditional to a MSP client base, we still use LogMeIn daily. We just in fact migrated to LogMeIn rescue from LogMeIn corporate. So I agree will this.

    @ Alistair,

    Well that's cause the product truly is THAT awesome

  • I just want VNC Remote Contol to be able to Copy and Freaking PASTE! Also for TAB to work!

  • v6.3 is now showing target availability of Q1, 2003 which means even later for v6.4

    source: www.kaseya.com/.../Kaseya_v6_3_PreReleaseAnnouncement.pdf