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"Classic" RC failing (K2 controlling a win7 32bit)

  • So just wondering if anyone else has seen this; when attempting remote control (or even just preinstall of KVNC) I'm seeing a particular kind of problem.

    The Agent Procedure to preinstall just hangs... it copies the installer .exe to the local machine, starts it, (which seems to spawn both vnc-E4_5_1-x86_win32.exe and vnc-E4_5_1-x86_win32.tmp) then does nothing, no matter how long you leave it sitting there.

    Liveconnect works fine, with its "special" version of tvnc, and I can watch all of this happening.  If I kill off the errant .exe and .tmp from task manager, the agent procedure fails THEN in step 7 as you might expect.

    If I manually run the vnc-E4_5_1-x86_win32.exe from the agent temp directory, it runs and completes as you'd expect it to, so I know it isn't corrupt.  If I delete it and re-run the preinstall, it recopies it and the new copy is fine as well...

    I did clear file source and credential just to make sure everything was as "clean" as possible.

  • I am having this exact  issue on a single machine. Very strange.

  • Right's issue maybe? check the acl's for the folder, make sure you've got full control on the folder and child files/folders

    just a guess as I can't dup the issue on my test box.

  • Rights seem correct.

  • I've seen this issue countless times..   What I've discovered is the VNC installed fails to install, though it is downloaded to the machine's kworking directory by the agent.

    To the point, what is usually responsible or behind this, happens to be the local Anti Virus software on the machine.  It is viewing the vnc install as a virus or dangerous and blocking access to the file.

    Solution, though it's a real pain and inconvienent, we now add exclusions to the anti virus software on the machine, adding both the C:\kworking folder and also the program files folder for Kaseya, as exclusions in the AV software including all subfolders.  

    This AV exclusion has resolved our troubles, just make a routine out of doing such at the same time as the agent install (assuming you're not using kaseya's AV products)