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RESOLVED: Kaseya is not listening to us ! 6.1.0 Still has no quick remote control.

  • Mark,

    Any chance of getting the old "remote control" style connection tied into Live Connect? I know there maybe issues with Portal Access users and the association and permissions to the actual agent, but this would be a big step for Kaseya and Live Connect.

  • All,

    We fully support the Chrome browser with the release of 6.1. If you do find an issue when using Chrome, please open a support ticket and we'll work on a resolution.

    On the specific point above -- We provide a link to download and run remote control. Simply click on the "click here" link and it will launch a viewer for the desired machine.

    [edited by: Patrick Schreifels at 4:01 PM (GMT -8) on 2-7-2011] Choosing to split the thread, not lock it.
  • This browser discussion has been moved over to a new thread:  community.kaseya.com/.../11140.aspx .  

    Thanks.  This one will stay open, but please consider the value of splitting a conversation when appropriate.  Dare I say a "Quick View" thread is warranted in the newly created KLC forum.  

  • Now that Mark has provided a really elegant Add-On to the Quick View and brought back the one-click old style remote control, does anyone have an issue with me adding the word "Resolved" to the title of this thread?  I think that would help others who may be browsing the forum and looking for similar functionality.

  • Max -- As the thread starter I would say yes, his solution has completely resolved my request/concern.

  • An Updated QuickView has been published.  It adds additional options and flexibility.