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RESOLVED: Kaseya is not listening to us ! 6.1.0 Still has no quick remote control.

  • I honestly do not think Kaseya works out its new features with existing clients they develop something they think will be cool and then unleash it on the world.  We (and by we i mean dozens of Kaseya clients not just me) have been screaming for a way to do quick VSA remote control since K2's release, for 6.0 we had the alt-click work around which was acceptable.  Then in 6.0.1 they removed that and we had to create custom HTML pages so that the new mini-KLC could still get us into VSA remote control.

    Then in this post http://community.kaseya.com/xsp/f/31/t/558.aspx , we are promised that the fix is coming in 6.1.0.  I never, ever upgrade something on release day but I did Kaseya because we desperately needed the new quick view feature.  Much to my chargin when I clicked on 'Desktop Access' all it did was take me into KLC with windowed remote access !  This is not what we wanted, if we wanted to use KLC we would just click the icon to begin with.  Yes the new KLC is faster, but we don't want windowed remote access.  Why can't you hear your customers screaming for full screen remote access at a click of a button ?  Please tell me I am severely mistaken that somewhere is a hidden config option to change this functionality and Kaseya didn't just completly ignore our cries again. 

    Kaseya -- Help !  This is not what we asked for !

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  • I'm not sure what the problem is here.  Yes going into KLC is cumbersome though slightly better than it was.  If you want direct desktop access why not just go to the Remote Control section and click the hyperlink of the machine you want to connect to?  Or am I missing something?

  • Yes, you are missing the dozens of posts in the previous thread about this topic.  The remote control tab is for the most part, useless for large customers.  You can't filter/search the content.  We have 1200 agents and growing rapidly, the only way for me to find what computer a user is logged on in a timely fashion is from the agent tab to use the 'filter' for current user.  But you can't remote control from the agent tab.  This is a HUGE issue.

  • just on this anybody know the link to the mini klc page info in the forums been searching but cant find it..

    I agree I use agent status page all the time for filtering and then have to stick the machine ID up in the filter box of the views then go to remote control and do the remote control - Why is remote control tab not in limited KLC seems just silly - how difficult could it be to add it.

  • I've seen all the posts about this and although can see your point of view it's not a problem we suffer from and we have significantly more agents checking in to all of our servers.  

    When I sat with our Kaseya rep and brought up this subject in a similar discussion their answer seems to be to use the Machine ID search facility which again works very well.  Yes sometimes our techs need to ask the end user for a machine ID but if it was a problem believe me they'd let me know.

    Don't think it would have been too difficult to add the same hyperlink to the new pop-up window as appears on the remote control screen but perhaps that's wishful thinking.

  • The Windows remote access is the default configuration.  If you go into KLC, select the pulldown arrow for desktop access and click settings you can change the default action to do RC in a separate window.  Then the next you use the scroll over feature and click desktop access it will automatically open RC in a new window.

  • @trichert - You could use a View Filter where you put the user name in that will show the users PC's you're looking for. If that won't work, I'd recommend setting up a gadget with filter for logged in users. We have gadgets set up for tickets assigned to each tech.

    Also I'm sure you could rig up a spread sheet that links to the DB with the info you're looking for and have it auto refresh,

    Or just go straight to the source and use ReportingServices and build a custom report for all your tech's that allows filtering with name and agent ID. I believe there's a wizard for ReportingServices and I'm sure someone who's more advance wouldn't mind pitching in a few pointers. In fact in this forum there's several SQL statments for use posted in community.kaseya.com/.../11012.aspx    

    I'm sure some of those guys would help you with something as well.

  • danrche -- Your suggestion is to create a custom view filter for every PC my technicians connect to ?  That would waste a good hour a day per technician and take far longer then anything else.

    Max Pruger -- Have you tried this suggestion ?  You end up with 3 windows open for every remote control session, your master, the KLC and a seperate remote window.  Each of which takes 30-60 seconds to open and load.  And even then the remote control is still embedded in a window not a seperate VNC session.

    KLC is not the answer to everything, there is no doubt that it is better in 6.1.0 but I have still had it crash IE several times upon closing.  Why can't the feature we asked for, and was told was coming 6.1 be added ?  I don't understand why every section of Kaseya feels like it was developed by a seperate team.  Why can't you filter, add columns in the Remote control module ?  Why can't you just click a computer name in the Agent module to remote control ?  There are a lot of ways to solve this problem, none of them involve KLC.

    Option 1) Enable the ability to filter / change columns in the remote control module

    Option 2) Make computer names clickable in the agent view when you click them it launches your configured remote control session.  

    Option 3) Make an option in quick view that launches your configured remote control session.  (this would take almost no effort or programming to add)

    Everything we have now is a work around, we were told 6.1 was going to have a good solution to this.  This isn't what we hoped for :(  

  • Alistair -- This is a major problem for us, our users are very non technical, asking them their computer name takes about 5 minutes, we can't waste 5 minutes a call finding what machine a computer is on.  We went to Kaseya from manual VNC almost exclusively for the ability to not have to ask users this question anymore.  

    What is most frustrating is that Kaseya had a functional compromise (old alt-click) and removed it without replacing the functionality.  Had they left the old alt-click in we wouldn't be having this discussion.

  • @trichert, I would assume you'd have your tech's create their own view and that you'd change it to what ever you're looking for at that time. It's not that hard and takes about as much time to change and apply as a filter in the agent view.

    I agree these are all work around and not the FIX for the issue, but Max and the rest of us are only trying to suggest something that could help you and your team.

    To be honest, I've got about 2K machines on-line now, and we organize our clients by ORG and machine group types, so I'm not sure why you'd have 1200 agents in one big container, that to me seems unmanageable, especially when you start getting into patching and stuff.

  • @trichert - as for asking the users for their pc name, could you use MS BGINFO to make this easier? if all your agents are named like the computer names should make it really easy to find them. At the very least narrow down the selection a bit

  • @danrche - I just tried your solution, machine views can't be created around currently logged in user so this is not a possible solution.

    My machines ARE organized into sites and not in one big container.  It is still much slower to select a site, and visually scroll through the logged in users to find the computer you want in the Remote screen vs using a custom filter in the agent screen.

    I don't know if your company has a formalized helpdesk, but for us every second on every call is crucial.  Resources are limited, and when we have features we depend on removed from software we paid many tens of thosands of dollars for and that functionality not replaced it puts a burden on us.

  • @danrche -- No .. we are not going to set users backgrounds to their computer name, that is not even remotely possible for us.  Kaseya created this problem by removing the alt-click functionality that existed when we purchased it, I was led to believe by Max and product develeopment that 6.1 would restore that functionality and that is not the case.  

  • You might want to try Firefox or Chrome.  Yes it is 3 windows instead of 2 (KLC opens in a tab for me so it's not a big deal).  I have timed it and I find that KLC opens the windows just as fast as the RC screen (usually about 15 seconds total for both KLC & VNC).  I also find the new TightVNC server in KLC is a lot faster than the VNC in RC.

  • Also, Kaseya is working on UI consistency across the entire application.  It is a phased approach for older modules but eventually the RC screen will have the same "filterable" columns as the Agent Status screen.