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Remote Control Ubuntu Linux

  • Hello all,


    I have a question about connecting to an Ubuntu Desktop machine....i created a linux package, sucessfully installed it on my linux desktop machine (ubuntu 10.04 lts), the agent will check in, but when i click on the machine to remote control it, nothing happens, just wondering if i have to do anything special in order to get this working...its trying to connect via WinVNC, is this ok? or does it have to be KVNC? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...


    thanks in advance.

  • I had the same problem, see post community.kaseya.com/.../3386.aspx

    I still have been unable to get VNC working through Kaseya, although I can use VNC through Windows and connect.

    According to a post there, Kaseya is going to be releasing an update for this.

  • I though 6.0.1 was the fix for this :)

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    Come on Kaseya, give the people what they want and make Live Connect and Remote Control work in Linux please!!!