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Patches not downloading to File Source

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(Previous version of Kaseya at the moment.  Comments to 'upgrade' will be dutifully ignored)

The problem is eratic.  Some sites patching works perfectly, and others it doesn't.

Problem I am getting is that the File Source doesn't download correctly.  It downloads the filename and the file remains at approx 1.02 kB to 1.03kB.  Definitely NOT working as intended.

I've tried to clear the cache.  No change.  Filename comes down and then doesn't get any content further.  Confirmed filenames do appear in the patch source.

Can definitely write to the location as the wsus cabinet comes down in it's entirity.

There's 100s of gigs free space.

I have a site that I can use as a testbed.  (And is what I am using).  It has no firewall except XP firewall (And Kaseya is added as exceptions) and is just a direct internet connection.

Machines to patch sit as 'pending'.  More frustratingly, is the constant nag to reboot despite the patches failing.

Windows update error logs are kind of useless as they just tell me that the file is corrupt.  (Really?!?!?  Thanks.)



(PS.  PLEASE get rid of the double space on the enter key press.  It makes a ghastly post and it assumes that people typing are idiots and don't understand paragraphs and structures.)

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  • Have you tried using a different file source on the same network?  It could be an issue with that specific machine.

  • Dave, I don't know if this helps, but are your agent credentials valid? And are the permissions set on the folder for download? Check your file source as well in the patch management. Remove the selection "Copy packages to the working directory on local drive with most free space" , this will force it to download to the location you're looking for (I've seen where the server will mistake an external drive or something for "More Space" half way through the downloads and cause similar issues.)

  • Dah..  Had typed a response and it got lost in the ether.

    Anyways.  Checked credentials.  All check ok.  Checked by logging onto file source with that user, downloading data from the net into the patch folder.  Check ok.  Login to machine to patch and browse using UNC to file source and copy file across and execute file.  Check ok.

    Max:  Haven't had a chance to try that idea yet.  It would only be for fault finding however.  There are no other really suitable machines as they are all workstations with user controlled shutdown/resets (Meaning, who knows what'll happen to your file source every other night).

    A check of agent logs shows that on the file source and a patching machine that things 'worked' ok in the sense that scripts were being called and completing with a "Success Then".

    eg.  Executed patch: KB982799/MS10-059 - Security Update for Windows 7 (KB982799)

    In this case, this machine execute about 15 patches.  All of them reported "Success Then".  There was a successful "Reboot not login".  Machine rebooted.  (Log shows reboot time matches time in script.  Confirmed by checking system event logs).

    All patches listed sitting at 'pending'.  Filesource shows files are the ol' 1.02kb or 1.03kb.

    I cannot find any errors in system/application/security event logs for the file source.

    So my next fault find question is:

    Does the File Source create the file and then try to populate it?  (Ie.  machine does scan.  Says "I'm missing this".  File source creates the file as a 'place holder' and then scoots of to a file repository to download.  Can't get to repository and so just has a place holder instead).

    Is there a way to check the file source's file source easily?


  • And answered part of my own question.  Found location where File Source downloads from.  Testing now.

  • *sigh*  Can't even edit previous posts to add information.  (Apparently there is supposed to be a 'moderate' button or something.  There isn't)

    From the file source, I can directly download from the MS update site using the location of patches as defined in "Patch Location".

    When I have manually downloaded the patch to the location, a force of an update to the machine works for that patch.  (So..  1 patch is working after lots of messing around).

  • You can, it's not easy but it is doable...

    click the little pencil looking thing at the bottom of the post, I believe if the post is too old it wont allow it, but vbull was the same way.

  • Right.  I've got more answers.  That 1.02kb?  I really should have thought to double check the contents with notepad earlier.

    It's a 404 error.  (It's just the html for a 404 error wrapped up in a file named <whatever>.exe)

    However, the 404 is for the windows update site.

    Interestingly, if I just copy/pasted the exact address listed as 404ing into the address bar, it browses to it perfectly.

    Curiouser and curiouser.

  • *sigh*  It's working now.  I don't know why.  It just is.

    No updates applied.  No fixes run.  It just is.  Event logs show nothing.  We haven't had internet issues at site.  It's just working.

    I guess the 'site' just got jealous of all the attention I was pouring onto another site to resolve it's proxy issues and decided to 'show it up'.