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Anybody having issues getting KB975558 to be recognized as installed by Kaseya?

  • I have at least 20 machines that Kaseya fails to recognize that KB975558 (AKA Vulnerability in MPEG-4 Codec Could Allow Remote Code Execution (975558)) has installed successfully?

    Here's the deal - I check the machines it's failed on, and I can see that it's installed in Add/Remove Programs, Windows Update also recognizes that it's installed, but Kaseya fails to recognize it.  All tests in patch management pass, credentials are fine, and the patch scans are running on schedule as they should...  Other oddity is every other patch MS released from September installed fine.  I've even tried manually installing the patch and still Kaseya fails to recognize it as installed.  Also uninstalled / reinstalled the Agent on a couple of machines and that failed to fix it to.

    Anybody have any ideas?

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  • Update - this resolved itself after the last hotfix.  Don't know what changed, but it installed successfully on all the machines that previously were failing.