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Applying patches to machines not attached to the domain

  • Hi,

    i am wanting to be able to perform a initial update on a computer or notebook that is not connected to the domain.

    Our company sells a range of different computers and notebooks thatwe run up and I would like to use our file sauce to apply the windows update so we do not have to downloaditseparately.

    So farthe pc'sdo not sync with the file path I havegiven it, i get a messagesaving invalid network credentials, I have created a pre script using a net use command to log into the folder location but with no luck.

    Can you please advise how I would do this.

    Regards, Colin.

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  • Use Kaseya to add a username/password to the non-domain machine and then use those credentials to run the updates. The add user function is on the remote control page ...

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