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Patch Approval policies

  • I am trying to configure patch management for some clients and I was wondering how approved patched were applied. For example: I have created a machine collection "Workstations" and in this collection is a combination of XP and Windows 2000 operating systems, I approved allpatches applying toeither os for this collection -will the XP patchesget pushed out to Windows 2000 computers and vice versa? How about if there was a server patch accidently approved for that collection, will it get pushed out to non-server operating systems?

    A follow up question that I have is this: Will I be told that acomputer is missing an approved patch if it is a patch that is non-applicable to that operating system?

    Thanks for the help!


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  • Kaseya will only install a patch that is appropriate for any given machine. It works similar to the Windows Update site or Automatic Updates built-in to Windows. It scans each machine and decides of the approved patches available for that collection, what ones apply to that machines, and of those, what are missing. So you will do not harm by accidentally approving a server patch for your Workstations collection.

    The patch status page will show you what patches are missing that are appropriate for that PC. A windows XP machine will not be marked as missing a patch that is 2000 only.

    If you are new to Kaseya, I suggest reading through the presentation notes here:

    I think there are some eLearning courses (videos) that you can register for. It's under the support section of the main Kaseya site.

    Hope that's helpful.

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  • I have been using Kaseya to manually patch machines over the network. I have a patch approval policy setup, but it seems it may be screwed up. I have patches listed as missing on many pc's, but they are patches that I have recently denied under the policy. I run a report everyday that tells me how many machines are patched and how many are missing a certain number of patches. Does anyone know how to remove patches that are listed as missing but now are denied under the approval policy. For example, one of the patches I would like to remove is the malicious software tool because it says that it can only run from the windowsupdate site.

    Thank you

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