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I have workstations that are XP 32 and 64 bit editions in a policy labeled "Workstations".  When a 64bit patch goes through policy, will it get applied to the 32bit as well, or will Kaseya see that it's a 32bit OS and not install it? Same thing for like Office updates.  Will it see that it's got 2007 installed, and only install those updates, or will it install all the 2010 updates that were approved for workstations that need that as well?  Thanks for your help!

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  • It will only install the patches that that machine request's. Example would be if you approved a SQL patch on your workstation policy it won't install on a machine without SQL because that machine is not requesting to install a SQL patch. Hope this make sence

  • Patch management only installs updates that are approved and apply to a particular machine.

    eg. 64-bit patches will not apply to 32-bit machines.