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Clear Patch reboot nag switch in K5.

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Good day all, I have a question regarding the reboot nag for patch management on K5. Our company has about 1k clients installed and we have recently changed our patching policy to not include the customer in the patching process (Patches installed reboot now?).  We have many customers that click keep working, then complain that they are getting nagged, and just do a manual reboot which leaves the nag switch on, and then complain that they are still getting nagged.  Our new procedure is to tell cust that we will reboot their systems on a dedicated day which is basically {[all clients]/4} split to the weekends. We still have a good 30% that have the silly reboot nag script still running and I'd like to know how can we clear the switch for that script, or can we create/run a script that will clear the nag from any remaining machines?


Phil @ AugustaIT 

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