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Script to update the Windows Update "Last Checked" date in control panel

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When kaseya runs patching it doesnt update the last scanned/last update in control panel. The results in clients asking us if our updates are working.

Does anyone have a script that will update this?

I found one in the forums from 2014 but it doesnt seem to work any longer.

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  • I have no answer for this, but I am commenting so I will get updates on future comments in case someone does have a good answer.


  • Would like to know this as well!
  • They're working hard on Software Management at the moment. It would seem a great idea to incorporate this feature, and put it in Patch Management as well.

    The current situation does confuse people and as a consequence some of them don't trust us when we tell them everything is working fine....

  • Not possible, IMHO. the date is stored within the datastore.edb file (as far as anyone can tell) and there is no mechanism to update it; the file is not documented and there are no API calls, registry or file-based locations to manipulate the date.

    So no, as far as anyone knows you can't alter that date by third party means.

  • I'm OK with explaining to people that everything is fine. I just want SM to be fixed so that *I* can be convinced that everything is fine.

  • Craig,

    Where can I find the .edb file you mentioned?