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Scheduled Reboot Time

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I have a pretty simple question that I can't seem to find an answer to.  I'm setting up some of our servers for automatic reboot after patching for a specific time so it's after hours.  Is this time based on the Agent's local time, the Kaseya Server time or from the time zone of the person who scheduled it?

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  • Agent's local time.

  • Depens on the setting, if you choise schedule you can check the box: schedule will be based on the timezone of the agent (rather than server)

    If checked, time settings set in the Scheduler dialog reference the local time on the agent machine to determine when to run this task. If blank, time settings reference server time, based on the server time option selected in System > Preferences. Defaults from the System > Default Settings page.

    Source: help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp

  • I think that only applies to the automatic update or scan time b/c it's a separate dialogue.

    Is anyone able to test and/or can Kaseya confirm?