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Patch Management->Configure-Windows Auto Update: Some Win 10 machines report "Automatic Update not supported"

  • We are seeing many endpoints like this.  With those with nearly identical hardware and the same edition/build of Win 10, one machine may say this and another will let Kaseya configure it.

    I opened Kaseya ticket and got this:

    The issue is with the odd behaviour of some windows 10 machines. Though the Windows 10 machines are of the same build, the windows automatic update status is inconsistent and this is the known issue that our product team is working on as a possible bug.

    Anyone else having this issue?

  • I have seen this before and Kaseya support just says there isn't anything that we can do about it. I asked them how come two machines with the same image return different results/statuses, they said it's MS making patch management by 3rd parties more locked out. There wasn't a definitive reason as to why, from support and I haven't found a way to resolve it. If you find a way to fix it, I would be very happy to hear it.

  • We have a fix coming out that may address this. This is limited to freshly installed machines that have never had a Windows Update prior. Try to run a manual Windows Update install once and then using Patch Management afterwards to see if it kicks into effect. If not, please post a ticket number for review. Thanks.

  • Has there been any updates for this issue?  We currently have this issue and our GPO is set to not allow automatic / Win updates for the users.  I have checked the reg for the au no auto update and d word is set to 1.

    I have seen some machines queue up with updates (features / others) and Kaseya patches are not installing.